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We Are Greyledge Technologies

Cutting-Edge Medicine

The biologic treatment Greyledge provides is on the forefront of Regenerative Medicine, allowing physicians to offer their patients the most up-to-date therapies in the field.

Fine-Tuned Processes

Greyledge leads the field in both product quality and innovation. We created a system that offers physicians of all specialties a safer, more effective and systemized approach to making biologics a hallmark of their practice.

Commitment to Partnership

When physicians partner with us, they commit to more than just a processing facility. We offer data collection and physician-extending technicians committed to improving results and tracking patient reported outcomes.

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About Greyledge’s Founder

Dr. David C. Karli recognized early on that understanding the composition of regenerative biologic preparations used in treating his patients would be critical to refining his practice of medicine. He also realized that a “one size fits all” approach to creating therapeutic preparations wouldn’t meet the need for an evidence-based, precision medicine approach. 

As a result, he founded Greyledge. Dr. Karli remains responsible for all aspects of our company’s development, including the integration of a strong team of professionals to support Greyledge’s innovative approach to Regenerative Medicine. His insight shapes our mission to this day: our emphasis remains focused on offering physicians and patients a custom cell therapy experience that produces results that reflect the uniqueness of every individual body.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Karli and the rest of the committed, passionate Greyledge team, just click below. 

About Greyledge

Picture of Greyledge Founder David Karli