To leverage scientific advancements in creating autologous biologic preparations, which enable physicians to optimize the practice of regenerative medicine.

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We have created a technology platform that allows physicians the opportunity to integrate autologous PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) and BMCC (Bone Marrow Cell Concentrate) biologic preparations into their practice.

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Our Process

The use of a patient’s own biologic preparation complements the natural healing process present in patients but is dependent on a variety of components.

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Our Applications

Numerous reports on potential applications for PRP and BMCC suggest that autologous PRP and BMCC preparations are considered to support a patient’s natural healing processes.

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Meet The Executive Team

Dr. David Karli

David C. Karli, MD MBA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Greyledge operations are currently being led by company Founder and CEO – David Karli. He is responsible for all aspects of company development, including the integration of a strong team of professionals to support Greyledge’s innovative approach to regenerative medicine.

Dr. Ted Sand

Theodore T. Sand, Ph.D.

Vice President Research and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Sand recently joined the company to support on-going commercialization efforts, as well as initiate an active research program to advance the company’s technology platform.

Gary Peterson

Gary A. Peterson


Gary recently joined the company to preside over day-to-day business operations and direct future strategic initiatives. Mr. Peterson has spent over 40 years in the medical device, health services and finance business.

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