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PRP Therapy for Healthy Skin


From protecting us from the elements to giving us the ability to touch the world around us and serving as the front face of our appearance, feeling healthy and confident in our skin is important. But sometimes, traditional skincare routines and even medical intervention aren’t enough, and our skin needs support to look and feel the way we want it to.

Greyledge Technologies creates autologous, cutting-edge solutions for use by Dermatologists and Primary Care Physicians in a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic  procedures for the skin*. Made using technology at the forefront of Regenerative Medicine, our PRP and BMC preparations contain only substances obtained from your own blood. They’ll then be finely-tuned to create the individual experience you’re looking for.

Greyledge will enable your dermatologist or cosmetic specialist to offer you custom support throughout your treatment. Ready to look and feel the way you deserve to? Talk to your doctor about Greyledge today, or find a Greyledge-affiliated dermatologist near you.

*According to peer-reviewed studies

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Alternative Cosmetic Therapies 

PRP Injection for Aging and Wrinkled Skin & More

Our most common form of platelet replacement therapy that dermatologists can use in treating conditions of the skin is known as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Here’s how the process works:

  • Your dermatologist or designated assistant will draw whole blood from the area you’re having treated.
  • Your blood will then be separated into 3 layers -- red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and a “Buffy Coat” made up of platelets and white blood cells.
  • Our team will then ratio these elements appropriately to prepare a customized PRP product that provides the optimal treatment for your skin.
  • Greyledge will deliver your PRP product to your dermatologist to be reinjected into the affected area.
  • PRF is a simpler form of PRP, where the red blood cells are removed, but the remaining white blood cells and platelets remain in a less hyperconcentrated form.

PRP and PRF can help accelerate the healing process in your skin and facial tissues, providing a tightening effect to reduce the signs of age. PRP can even help to clear acne and heal stubborn scars. Some of the most effective ways dermatologists can apply PRP include:

  • PRP/PRF for wrinkles, removal and reduction (sometimes combined with filler and other topical treatments)
  • Topical cosmesis (PRP facial)
  • PRP treatment for acne scars
  • PRP for incision healing
  • Chemical peels
  • Treatment of abnormal pigmentation
  • PRP for hair loss
  • And more.

To learn more about how PRP can help you have healthy, beautiful skin, reach out to us -- we’re happy to discuss our capabilities with you or your dermatologist.

Alternative Dermatology Treatments

Platelet-Poor Plasma for Conditions of the Skin

Greyledge uses the same process to collect platelet-poor plasma (PPP) as we use to collect PRP. In fact, both will be collected from the same whole blood sample we receive from you. But there is a significant difference between PPP and PRP: platelet-rich plasma contains significantly more platelets than platelet-poor plasma, which contains very few platelets at all.

Platelets are the most essential element of both PRP and PPP preparations. When it’s injected back into damaged or depleted tissue, platelet-rich plasma can stimulate the body’s natural healing process, helping to turn back the clock on signs of aging skin and offering the opportunity for conditions such as acne to heal. However, sometimes the PRP we collect actually contains too many platelets, which prevents you from achieving the optimal results.

That’s where PPP can help. Greyledge can actually apply PPP to a PRP sample in order to optimize the concentrate, allowing your dermatologist to provide a tailor-made treatment to suit your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m a patient who’s interested in Regenerative Medicine. How can I get my doctor involved or find a PRP dermatologist near me?

Engage your dermatologist, let them know the benefits of the unique Greyledge approach, and link them here.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a dermatologist who is already utilizing Greyledge and is providing our fully-customizable regenerative tissue therapy near you. If you’d like to get started with one of the premier orthobiologics companies in the world, find a Greyledge partner today.