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About Greyledge Technologies

Greyledge Technologies was established by Dr. David C. Karli to meet emerging physician and patient demands to facilitate and utilize mechanisms of natural healing to augment and/or support treatment of disease.  Dr. Karli also recognized the deficiency in product quality in the growing field and that Physicians didn’t know exactly what they were putting into their patients. In order to meet these first initiative, Greyledge has developed novel, manual laboratory-based methods to process autologous whole blood and bone marrow tissues to produce biologic preparations that are quality and quantity controlled to create a better product and higher level of research and development to advance the field of cellular therapies. 

Each of our biologic preparations is carefully analyzed prior to the point at which a physician returns it to the patient. This way, we ensure quality, safety and effectiveness and to meet physician-specified compositions. Greyledge’s approach is flexible, allowing physicians to optimize their practice of medicine through maintaining the highest standards in preparing, analyzing, applying and learning from autologous PRP and BMC preparations.

If you’re a patient looking for the optimal way to meet your needs, or if you’re a physician looking to integrate Regenerative Medicine seamlessly into your practice, now is the time to reach out to Greyledge. If you’re ready, we’re ready.

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Greyledge Technologies About Us

The Greyledge Mission 

Our mission is to leverage scientific advancements in creating and innovating quality controlled autologous biologic preparations, which enable physicians to optimize the practice of Regenerative Medicine.

Greyledge Technologies has created a technology platform that allows physicians the opportunity to integrate autologous PRP and BMC biologic preparations into their practice using a meticulously controlled cell processing facility, coupled with fully documented and validated sample analysis with every product produced.

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