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Medical Biologics and Cellular Therapies

How Greyledge Works

Greyledge innovates the field of Regenerative Medicine with the goal of providing physicians with the technology and quality system to treat patients with a variety of autologous (meaning “from the patient’s own body) biologic preparations as part of their own practices. The advantage of Greyledge’s technology is its systemized approach, which supports a physician in effectively offering autologous biological preparations customized to their patients’ needs. 

The use of a patient’s own plasma complements their body’s natural healing process, but an optimized biologic preparation is dependent on an additional variety of components. These components are as follows:

  • Cells: Multiple types of cells participate in the natural healing process, and all are necessary in the preparation of autologous cellular therapies. These essential cells include Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs), and other Multipotent Cells, originating from bone marrow and blood. Many cell types work with native tissue cells, to stimulate healing, inflammation control and proliferation in response to growth factor signals.
  • Signals: This refers to a variety of human growth factors and other proteins, which primarily are present in plasma and platelets, but also can be produced by progenitor cells like MSCs.
  • Scaffolds: This refers to a matrix made of proteins that supports tissue growth within the body. In the process described here, the primary protein typically is blood-based fibrinogen, which upon activation by the clotting cascade can create a multi-protein component scaffold that allows damaged tissue to rebuild.

Any element of this trio of active components present in a patient’s autologous biologic preparations -- or a combination of the three -- can be applied by a trained physician or cosmetic specialist to injured, pathologic, or undesirable tissue to support repair, either by injection or surgical application.

Doctor Looking at Blood Test

Preparation for PPP & BMC Injections

Our Cutting-Edge Preparation Process

Greyledge cellular preparations are produced by a sterile process in a closed tissue culture hood, and are characterized in a 23-parameter analysis using a validated hemoanalyzer. The standard processing time is approximately 25 minutes, with the analysis available upon delivery of the product, allowing physician review prior to treating the patient. 

The availability of a 23-parameter cellular analysis allows the physician to understand exactly what is in the product being implanted to maximize safety and ensure the product gives patients the best chance for a successful treatment. The procedures used for processing and analysis are fully documented as a part of a comprehensive quality system that is integral to the service Greyledge provides to its clinical users.

It’s important to recognize that the natural healing process is complex and varies among patients, since it depends on a variety of active components working together. Greyledge adapts products within this patient variability to ensure products from every patient are optimized.

Interested in a step-by-step guide for how this process looks in action?