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Working With Greyledge

What Patients Can Expect with Biologics 

Greyledge Technologies has merged cutting-edge technology with high-quality processes that allow physicians of all different specialties to offer autologous PRP and BMC therapies to their patients. Whatever your needs are, your specialized medical provider can work with us to offer you therapies that are customized to your individual needs, from repairing damaged tissue and cartilage after an orthopedic injury to assisting in the latest anti-aging cosmetic procedures.

Greyledge and the physicians who utilize our products understand that one size does not fit all applications. If you’re interested in what we do, and if you’re ready to find innovative solutions for your needs, now is the time to find a physician who utilizes Greyledge near you.


High-Quality Biologics From Start to Finish

Innovative products with high level quality assurance are markers of excellence to produce cellular therapeutics. Physicians and patients can and should understand what is being implanted into their bodies and how that will affect the problem being targeted. ​​Existing technologies cannot quantify and adjust cellular compositions -- the technology that Greyledge offers physicians is the only system that can optimize and concentrate your cells at the point of care.

Here’s an inside look at the Greyledge process for preparing BMC, PRP and PPP using your own cells, from diagnosis to recovery:

Our Process

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Doctor Talking to Man and Woman


Cutting-Edge Cell Therapy to Support Your Physician

Whether you’re living with chronic pain or pattern baldness, cell therapy could be the missing piece in your existing treatment plan.

Greyledge’s innovative cell therapy products support specialists in the following areas, and more:

In addition to these conditions for which these Regenerative Solutions are scientifically-proven options, studies are being conducted every day that support its use as a tool for:

If you have more questions about how your doctor can begin using these cutting-edge therapies in your treatment plan, reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to speak with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m seeing the word “autologous” a lot. What does it mean?

An “autologous” preparation is one that only contains elements obtained from the patient’s own body -- that is, all of the platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma and bone marrow aspirate we collect as part of your therapy will come out of the whole blood sample your physician collects from you. Cells are collected, concentrated and put back into the patient with minimal manipulation and no alteration. 

Autologous cell therapies maximize safety versus cell products made from someone else (allogeneic), which are are foreign cells that could trigger rejection and immune responses. Reports of serious complications from Allogeneic cell therapies have been reported in published medical literature and through medico-legal case reports.

You say cell therapy products from Greyledge are “customized.” How does that work?

Greyledge’s unique cellular identification and quantification capabilities offer your physician the opportunity to customize your preparation prior to treatment in order to suit your needs as an individual. Here’s an example:

You’ve been living with knee pain for a while following an injury, and you’ve opted for BMC to assist in your recovery. However, your physician knows that you’ll have better results if your BMC has higher cell and platelet counts than are present in your own (autologous) bone marrow blood sample or when using competitive biologic products. If your physician is a Greyledge user, we’ll process your bone marrow blood sample to produce a BMC and PRP product with verification that it contains an optimal number of cells and platelets, based on data from existing research, to give you the best chance for a successful treatment outcome and a return on your treatment investment. 

This is just one of the many ways in which your doctor will be able to offer you a custom biologic experience that will yield the best possible result for your recovery.

Will I have access to my data?

Yes. All data pertaining to blood draws, preparations, and results thereof will be available to both you and your physicians. This allows both Greyledge and our user physicians to track and improve outcomes, gauge our success, and keep our product on the cutting edge.

I’m interested in receiving cell therapy from my physician. What should I do next?

Engage your physician, let them know the benefits of Greyledge’s superior approach to cell therapy, and link them here.

You may also be able to find a physician who is already utilizing Greyledge and is providing fully-customizable, compliant, and biologic therapies near you. If you’d like to get started, find a Greyledge user today.