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Bursitis is a painful condition in which naturally-occurring spaces between two tissues (typically tendon and bone) -- known as bursa become inflamed, resulting in painful friction between your surrounding tissues and bone. Facing chronic pain, a loss of mobility, and overall negative effects on quality of life, many patients live with chronic bursitis, which is resistant to most traditional treatment options. This can lead to surgical resection, which can often produce sub-optimal results.

With state-of-the-art, fully-customizable biologics, Greyledge can support your physician in helping you eliminate pain caused by bursitis. Made using technology at the forefront of orthobiologic treatment, our PRP and BMC therapeutic injections for bursitis allow your doctor to tailor your treatment to your individual needs. For some patients, biologics can offer an alternative treatment for bursitis without a need for surgery or as an alternative to steroid injections. When applied by a specialist pre and post-operation, they can offer you a faster, more effective recovery from surgery.

 Whatever your needs are as a patient, we’ll support your orthopedic specialist in giving you the relief you deserve. Ready to eliminate your bursitis pain? Talk to your doctor about Greyledge today, or find a Greyledge-affiliated orthopedic physician near you.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment 

PRP Injection for Shoulder Bursitis, Knee Bursitis & More

Greyledge’s capabilities include supporting physicians with a number of cutting-edge biologic preparations, including platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Here’s how the process of creating PRP works:

  • Your orthopedist will draw whole blood from whichever joint is affected by your bursitis.
  • The blood will be separated into 3 layers -- red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and a “Buffy Coat” made up of both platelets and white blood cells.
  • Our highly-specialized technicians will concentrate and ratio these elements to prepare a customized PRP product that provides the optimal treatment for your specific case of bursitis.
  • Greyledge will provide your PRP product to your physician to be reinjected into the affected joint.

PRP stimulates your body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation and help restore the tissues surrounding your joint that have been damaged as a result of bursitis. PRP can help physicians offer bursitis treatment in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Upper extremities (hands, wrists, etc)
  • Lower extremities (ankles, feet, etc)

To learn more about how PRP can help you recover more effectively from bursitis, reach out to us -- we’re happy to discuss its capabilities with you or your orthopedic specialist.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

Stem Cell Joint Injections for Bursitis Patients

Like PRP, bone marrow cellular concentrate (BMC) can offer a surgical or non-surgical method of treating hip bursitis with stem cell therapy. Here’s how we prepare BMC:

  • Your treating physician will extract blood from your own bone marrow using a special needle. This blood includes stem cells and many other cell types as well as platelets.
  • During this extraction process, your doctor will also take a sample of progenitor cells from your marrow.
  • We’ll then concentrate the cells into a single preparation customized to your body and your particular case of bursitis.
  • The sample will then be reinjected into your affected joint.

Stem cells are unique in the fact that they don’t just serve a single purpose -- they exist at a stage in which they can transform into any other type of cell. Equally as important, they are critical to coordinate the healing process necessary to restore the joint tissue compromised by bursitis and rally other cells to do the same. This makes BMC extremely valuable in offering surgical or non-surgical treatment for bursitis in the hips, shoulders, knees, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between bursitis vs tendonitis?

While bursitis and tendonitis, both involve inflammation of tissues. Bursitis specifically affects the bursa spaces over bony points in the body, while tendonitis affects tendons inserting into bones.

Are orthopedic stem cell injections only for bursitis?

No. Greyledge creates autologous BMC products that physicians use for treating arthritis, bursitis & tendonitis along with other orthopedic conditions.

I’m a patient who’s interested in biologic treatment for my bursitis. How can I get my doctor involved or find a stem cell doctor near me?

Engage your orthopedist, let them know of the benefits of the unique Greyledge approach, and link them here.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a physician who is already utilizing Greyledge and is providing fully-customizable cell therapy near you. If you’d like to get started with one of the most innovative orthobiologics companies in the field, find a Greyledge user today.