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Alternative ED Treatments

Sexual Dysfunction

A healthy sex life is important to maintaining happy, successful relationships, but that’s not all you sacrifice when struggling with sexual dysfunction. This can also be a red flag for a number of underlying conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and more. Mainstream treatments can put a band-aid on the issue, but for real, lasting, and more natural results that leave you feeling confident and secure in the bedroom, you may need a more cutting-edge solution.

Greyledge Technologies supports healthcare providers in offering state-of-the-art cell therapy for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual health struggles. Made using technology at the forefront of biologic treatment, your doctor can apply our individualized PRP preparations to help you restore your sexual function and take back control of your health.

Greyledge will enable your provider to offer you custom support throughout your treatment. Ready to find good health and confidence inside and outside the bedroom? Talk to your doctor about Greyledge today, or find a Greyledge-affiliated physician near you.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Sexual Dysfunction 

PRP for Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Dysfunction

Platelet-rich plasma and treatment of erectile dysfunction go hand in hand. Here’s how the process of collecting PRP and receiving works:

  • Your provider will draw whole blood from your own body.
  • Your blood will be transported to a Greyledge processing facility, where it will be separated into 3 layers -- red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and a “Buffy Coat” made up of platelets and white blood cells.
  • We’ll then use specific ratios of these elements to prepare a customized PRP product that provides the optimal treatment for your individual needs.
  • Greyledge will deliver your PRP product to your doctor to be injected directly into your penis.

PRP stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal. When injected into the blood vessels present in your penis, it can enhance and promote blood to flow naturally, helping you to achieve a stronger and more sustainable erection.

To learn more about how PRP can help in your treatment for erectile dysfunction, reach out to us -- we’re happy to discuss our capabilities with you or your primary care doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Typically, what does PRP for erectile dysfunction cost?

Biologic and cellular treatments for sexual dysfunction such as the “p-shot” are not typically covered by insurance.

Is the PRP “p-shot” painful?

Most men feel minimal pain when receiving a PRP “p-shot,” since you’ll receive a strong topical and local anaesthetic before your injection to maximize comfort.

I’m a patient who’s interested in platelet replacement therapy. How can I get my doctor involved or find p-shot providers near me?

Engage your physician, let them know the benefits of the unique Greyledge approach, and link them here.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a physician who is already utilizing Greyledge and is providing fully-customizable cell therapy near you. If you’d like to get started with one of the premier orthobiologics companies in the world, find a Greyledge user today.