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Greyledge Data Cloud

Greyledge believes that optimized cell therapeutics must be progressively developed through analytics and objective evidence. The continual identification and correlation of complex cell interactions, and the study of how PRP, BMC and MFAT products with different cell counts affect patients, are accomplished using our integrated Data Cloud.

Greyledge biologics contain diverse populations of cells that are meticulously measured and recorded using state of the art laboratory procedures and equipment in every product we produce. Understanding which cell populations or unique cell combinations predict treatment success is critical for advancement of the field of cell therapies. This detailed collection and data assembly allows us to analyze the effects of cellular “dose” within our products.

Additionally, Greyledge partners with our affiliate physicians and patients, automating data collection from the moment the patient registers for treatment and then following their procedure, tracking and constantly learning from patient responses to their cellular treatment.

Our innovative use of data in association with refined biologic preparations, allows us to import complex cellular measurements in a unique, custom-coded data collection platform. Deidentified patient profiles are carefully constructed to include their full medical history, diagnosis, cellular profile, as well as both objective/subjective scales for the patient's pain/function before treatment. Subsequent surveys are then electronically sent to patients to assess and track the treatment impact on improvements to symptoms and function. Over time, this will progressively identify key predictive indicators allowing refinement of unique products specific to each patient and diagnosis.

The Greyledge cloud combines and correlates data from various sources, programs, and laboratory instruments instantaneously, creating real time graphical analysis and feedback on  treatment response and outcomes. Additionally data is pooled  from our providers to study and continually learn how to improve our products.  Our platform is HIPAA compliant and supported by the best security features in the industry.

From this data set, we then run advanced analytics supported by machine learning (ML) and AI. Over time, this allows physicians using Greyledge autologous products to establish and optimize cellular dosing and concentration to better achieve consistency and predictability of treatment performance – specific to their patient population.

This is the future of analytical data processing. No platform of this type exists in the field of autologous biologics. This vital data element, in collaboration with our physicians, enables us to create precision medical modeling for more customized biologic preparations.

As this science is constantly evolving, Greyledge pledges to collect data on every product and patient treated, and innovate based on what we learn from objective evidence.