Technology for Stem Cell

The field of Regenerative Medicine is evolving and each day studies are published leading to advancements in the way physicians treat patients. Greyledge believes that collecting and carefully analyzing product and patient data that helps physicians improve patient outcomes is vital to the ongoing success of the field. Using our analytical models, we can compare different treatments, identifying and refining those that lead to the most beneficial biologic outcome for the patient.

Greyledge Cloud allows the physicians we service to aggregate biologic product data and patient responses in a database of orthobiologic treatments easily analyzed and displayed. We use 23-parameter cellular analysis on all of our cell products, allowing our physicians to understand exactly what is in the biologic prior to implantation. This maximizes safety while ensuring an optimized product that gives patients the best chance for a successful treatment. The procedures we use for processing and analysis are fully documented as a part of a comprehensive quality system that is integral to the service Greyledge provides to its clinical users.

Accordingly, we collect cellular and other patient data and run advanced analytics with our industry-validated hemoanalyzer. This allows physicians using Greyledge technology to control the dose & concentration of these autologous blood products to better meet the needs of our patients.

To accomplish this, we use a unique three-machine platform designed around the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in developing cutting-edge algorithms that assist physicians in better understanding patient response outcomes. We continue to create a tailored set of algorithms that dynamically combine and export analytics data into a CSV document, preparing it for analytical study. As we update and develop new methods, we are ever mindful of data security on behalf of our patients and physicians. We use globally unique identifiers (32-string value) that encode all patient personal information on a HIPAA compliant platform. This data is then exported and prepared for data studies using artificially intelligent (AI) algorithms using programming languages such as Python, Rcode, Node.js, and Angular.js.

While we designed our Patient Electronic Management platform around the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we recognize this industry is in its infancy when it comes to predictive outcomes. We are committed, working in concert with our physicians and their patients, to continue to evolve with this technology as we work to help improve patient treatment success. This is the future of regenerative medicine, using analytical data processing and smart algorithms to assist physicians in their practice. Technology is constantly evolving, and the Greyledge pledge is to evolve with the technology.

Another Greyledge feature unique to the field is the development of a companion service—a stringent lab technician training program involving web-based and hands-on elements using Cerego, a platform that adapts to customize and enhance learning to the individual. This ensures our technicians are certified using standard protocols that are consistent across all of our facilities. A technician in Atlanta can walk into one of our Greyledge supported facilities in Denver and the physician will get the same quality-controlled product exactly as ordered.

Meticulous attention to detail and only the highest standard is what Greyledge strives for, each and every day.

If you’re a physician who is interested in learning more about how Greyledge can help you become an innovator at the forefront of Regenerative Medicine, visit our website, or sign up to utilize Greyledge today.