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Method of Ratios and PLT

Comments from Physicians on the Arthrex Angel Lemon/Lemonade Posts Highlight the Utility of the Method of Ratios – Part Two

In the previous post, I had shared a couple of comments from physicians (Drs. Sairam Atluri and Dr. Edward Marcheschi) that had been made on the trio of posts on the Arthrex Angel in which I concluded that the Arthrex Angel system was a lemon as a PRP/BMC processing technology. In exploring aspects of the...
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Arthrex Angel and Method of Ratios

Comments from Physicians on the Arthrex Angel Lemon/Lemonade Posts Highlight the Utility of the Method of Ratios – Part One

The posts that I write are available on the Greyledge website and are also distributed on LinkedIn. I would like to share a couple of LinkedIn comments from physicians who responded to the last three posts that have covered this question: Is the Arthrex Angel PRP/BMC processing system a lemon or has Arthrex’s marketing group made...
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Degenerative Disc Disease Treated with BMC

BMC as Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment – Part Four

The focus of the previous three posts (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three) has been on reviewing various aspects of a paper recently published on the three-year milestone data of a clinical study in which study subjects had their own BMC injected into a 1-level or 2-level degenerative disc pathology in an attempt to...
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PRP and Method of Ratios

Method of Ratios Applies to PRP Made by Commercial Device Technologies

My boss, Dr. David Karli, introduced the concept of the method of ratios during a talk he gave at the TOBI conference this past June. He wrote a couple of guest posts for the Blog in which he covered the field of hemoanalytics and how, in the case of PRP, a set of ratios might...
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No Increased Cancer Risk from Your Autologous BMC Treatment

In the previous post, I commented on a paper recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) in which FDA personnel expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of solid, Level 1 clinical trials for the use of stem cell therapies. Their concern quite naturally was on the lack of systematic recording of adverse...
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Greyledge | Patient Data

Is There a Way to Refine the Practice of Regenerative Medicine?

In the first post of the Greyledge Blog, I introduced the Blog, Greyledge Technologies and my recent shift in employment. I had left off with describing aspects of the service Greyledge provides to physicians who wish to have tighter control over the composition of autologous PRP and BMC preparations for use in a physician’s practice...
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