Non-unions in Diabetic Patients

Hernigou Closes the Gap on Diabetic Foot/Ankle Non-unions

In the last post, I reviewed the potent anti-microbial benefits of bone marrow concentrate (BMC) published in a paper by Dr. Philippe Hernigou in treating antibiotic-refectory infections in non-unions. I will move on in this post to cover Dr. Hernigou’s use of BMC in treating non-unions of the foot and ankle in diabetic patients. I...
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Anti-microbial activity BMC orthopedic infections

A Recent Hernigou Paper on the Use of BMC as an Anti-microbial Agent

Continuing in my effort to review Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s publications on the use of bone marrow concentrate (BMC) in treating a variety of orthopedic pathologies, I would like to cover a very recent publication in which he presents clinical data supporting the use of BMC as a means of eliminating microbial infections in fracture sites....
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Fractured Long Bone Non-Unions

Hernigou’s BMC Treatment of Fractured Long-bone Non-unions

In the last post, I focused solely on adverse events associated with the bone marrow aspiration (BMA) procedure itself. In this post, I would like to return to another of Dr. Hernigou’s classic publications on the use of BMC to treat long-bone non-unions. I covered his publication on the benefits of BMC-augmentation of a surgical...
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