Cord Blood Derived HCT

Cord Blood-derived HCT/Ps Remain ‘351 Category Products – Part One

Back in mid-February, I was at the IOF Conference and was a part of a panel discussing various aspects of the questionable regulatory compliance by companies selling products that contain cord blood-derived components, including viable cells, among other issues. I was shocked to learn of the extent that the free-for-all in regenerative medicine involved donor cord...
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Fact Check Amniotic Fluid

The Astonishing Mis-information Being Shared on Amniotic Fluid Products – Part One

Although I recently covered amniotic products in a couple of posts (Another Amniotic-derived Product Mis-states FDA Compliance and Addressing the Flood of Placental Tissue-based HCT/P Products, Again), and thought I could escape the morass that is amniotic fluid containing products, I came across a Powerpoint presentation (PPt) offered up by Dr. Davidson (Park City, Utah) Nanofactor...
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Bone Marrow and MSCs Through the Ages

Hernigou and Bone Marrow-Derived MSCs Through the Ages

There are a lot of folks going around saying that you suffer a dramatic loss of bone marrow stem cells (the mesenchymal stem cell [MSC] version) from your body’s bone marrow depots as you age. Which is true to a certain extent, but, as usual, the devil is in the details. Some of those who...
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Health of Bone Marrow Depots

The Dynamics of Healthy Bone Marrow Depots

One theme of the last few posts on Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s pioneering use of BMC to treat soft and bony tissue pathologies has been the need to boost the bone marrow cellularity and/or its vitality. What? You haven’t caught on that the real objective of treating orthopedic pathologies is to make sure the adjacent bone...
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