FTC Clinical Study Standards and Placebo Control

FTC Sets the Clinical Study Standards for Advertising Health-related Claims – Part Four

In the previous post, I had completed my review of the clinical findings published in a second paper by Shapiro, et al. confirming the utility of injecting saline into one OA-afflicted knee and BMC into the other OA-afflicted knee when treating patients with bilateral knee OA. Certainly, their approach is a novel way for treating...
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FTC Level 1 Clinical Study Standards and BMC

FTC Sets the Clinical Study Standards for Advertising Health-related Claims – Part Three

In the previous post, I had left you hanging on the follow-up publication by Shapiro, et al. that was published last year (2018). I wanted to review both papers in light of the recently established precedent obtained by the FTC in a Federal court Order issued last October, in which the FTC laid out the...
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BMC as Alternative for TKA

BMC as an Alternative to TKA and Rotator Cuff Support in the Elderly

I disposed in the previous post of the notion that you lose all of your bone marrow-based MSCs if you are elderly. That conclusion is based on one of Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s presentations during the recent national ASIPP conference. Dr. Hernigou is the pioneering physician who has been working with bone marrow concentrate (BMC) for treating...
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Bone Marrow and MSCs Through the Ages

Hernigou and Bone Marrow-Derived MSCs Through the Ages

There are a lot of folks going around saying that you suffer a dramatic loss of bone marrow stem cells (the mesenchymal stem cell [MSC] version) from your body’s bone marrow depots as you age. Which is true to a certain extent, but, as usual, the devil is in the details. Some of those who...
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BMC Treated Allograft

BMC Supercharges Allograft for Better Outcomes in Hips with Swiss Cheese-like Holes

In the previous post, I reviewed results reported by Dr. Philippe Hernigou about the significant loss of MSCs and satellite cells (the stem cell in the muscles) from the tissue of patients who had received a certain kind of implant liner in their primary total hip replacement. The publication showed that patients with the largest...
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Bone Marrow Depot and Hip Replacement

The Importance of Healthy Bone Marrow Depots in Hip Replacement Patients

One of the important lessons embedded in the clinical results Dr. Philippe Hernigou has published in a dozen or so papers on the benefits of using bone marrow concentrate (BMC) in treating orthopedic pathologies is that having a healthy bone marrow depot close to the site of pathology will aid in restoring/repairing the orthopedic injury....
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Health of Bone Marrow Depots

The Dynamics of Healthy Bone Marrow Depots

One theme of the last few posts on Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s pioneering use of BMC to treat soft and bony tissue pathologies has been the need to boost the bone marrow cellularity and/or its vitality. What? You haven’t caught on that the real objective of treating orthopedic pathologies is to make sure the adjacent bone...
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Avascular Necrosis

Hernigou Pioneered BMC Treatment of Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head

In the last post,I reviewed the therapeutic benefit reported by Dr. Philippe Hernigou for using BMC to treat ankle non-unions in diabetic patients. I will move on in this post to cover Dr. Hernigou’s use of BMC in another bony pathology, namely avascular necrosis of the femoral head, also referred to as osteonecrosis of the...
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Non-unions in Diabetic Patients

Hernigou Closes the Gap on Diabetic Foot/Ankle Non-unions

In the last post, I reviewed the potent anti-microbial benefits of bone marrow concentrate (BMC) published in a paper by Dr. Philippe Hernigou in treating antibiotic-refectory infections in non-unions. I will move on in this post to cover Dr. Hernigou’s use of BMC in treating non-unions of the foot and ankle in diabetic patients. I...
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Anti-microbial activity BMC orthopedic infections

A Recent Hernigou Paper on the Use of BMC as an Anti-microbial Agent

Continuing in my effort to review Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s publications on the use of bone marrow concentrate (BMC) in treating a variety of orthopedic pathologies, I would like to cover a very recent publication in which he presents clinical data supporting the use of BMC as a means of eliminating microbial infections in fracture sites....
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