Chara Biologics may offer non-compliant product

Chara Biologics: Another Company Offering Non-Compliant Donor-Derived Therapies Containing Umbilical Cord Tissue – Part One

Chara Biologics fancies itself the premier source of alleged therapeutic peri-natal donor-derived products. They claim to be “…the forefront of regenerative medicine” and “The Medicine of the Future”. Imagine that, a company being the medicine of the future. Sorry to disappoint anyone taken in by the bombast, but the reality is much less than the...
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False claims about amniotic stem cells

FTC Actions Against Stem Cell Clinics Making False Claims about Amniotic Fluid Products – Part Five

Over the previous four posts, I have reviewed the FTC’s legal actions taken against a physician who advertised what I call miraculous regenerative medicine on the Internet, in which amazing claims of therapeutic benefit were announced for treating virtually any pathologic condition, including ALS, MS, COPD, chronic kidney disease, autism, etc. I provided examples from the...
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