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Saline Used As Placebo

On Using Saline as a Placebo: When Is a Placebo Not a Placebo? Part Two

In the previous post, I reviewed evidence presented in Bar-Or, et al. concerning the potential analgesic activity of saline used as a placebo in clinical studies. The authors provided evidence that saline didn’t act as an “inert” material in clinical studies. I will cover the authors thoughts on possible mechanisms for the saline’s analgesic activity...
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Saline Injections as Placebo

On Using Saline as a Placebo: When Is a Placebo Not a Placebo? Part One

Recently, while preparing a presentation on the current status of PRP and its clinical utility, I was struck by the large number of studies that rely on physiological saline as a placebo in double blinded, placebo-controlled clinical studies. This type of study is considered to be the gold standard format for performing clinical studies, since...
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BMC as Alternative for TKA

BMC as an Alternative to TKA and Rotator Cuff Support in the Elderly

I disposed in the previous post of the notion that you lose all of your bone marrow-based MSCs if you are elderly. That conclusion is based on one of Dr. Philippe Hernigou’s presentations during the recent national ASIPP conference. Dr. Hernigou is the pioneering physician who has been working with bone marrow concentrate (BMC) for treating...
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Bone Marrow and MSCs Through the Ages

Hernigou and Bone Marrow-Derived MSCs Through the Ages

There are a lot of folks going around saying that you suffer a dramatic loss of bone marrow stem cells (the mesenchymal stem cell [MSC] version) from your body’s bone marrow depots as you age. Which is true to a certain extent, but, as usual, the devil is in the details. Some of those who...
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PRP Preparation

Does It Take a Village of Cells for Effective PRP Therapy?

A publication appeared earlier this year with an interesting title: “Normal platelet function in platelet concentrates requires non-platelet cells: a comparative in vitro evaluation of leucocyte-rich (type 1a) and leucocyte-poor (type 3b) platelet concentrates” by Parrish, et al. (View Publication). The authors contend that their data suggests that cellular components other than platelets play a...
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Treating Knee Osteoarthritis with Saline

Curious BMC and Saline Treatment Results for Patients With Bilateral Knee OA – Part Two

In the previous post, I had started my review of a paper published by Shapiro, et al., earlier this year (View Paper), in which they showed that treating a patient’s knee osteoarthritis with saline gave the same degree of pain relief as the use of bone marrow concentrate (BMC) in the other arthritic knee. Crazy,...
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BMC and Saline Treatment Results

Curious BMC and Saline Treatment Results for Patients With Bilateral Knee OA – Part One

In a paper published earlier this year (View Paper ), Shapiro, et al. reported on the results obtained from a clinical study in which a patient’s bone marrow was concentrated (creating BMC) and injected into one of the patient’s arthritic knees, with the other knee being injected with sterile saline. It turns out that the...
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