PRP and Method of Ratios

Method of Ratios Applies to PRP Made by Commercial Device Technologies

My boss, Dr. David Karli, introduced the concept of the method of ratios during a talk he gave at the TOBI conference this past June. He wrote a couple of guest posts for the Blog in which he covered the field of hemoanalytics and how, in the case of PRP, a set of ratios might...
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Amniotic Fluid-derived Information

The Astonishing Mis-information Being Shared on Amniotic Fluid-Derived Products – Part Two

I would like to finish up with my review of outrageous mis-information being spread about by some advocates of amniotic fluid-derived products. My focus has been on a Powerpoint presentation (PPt) made available to the public by Dr. Davidson. So far, I have pointed out what I contend are discrepancies in some of his statements,...
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Fact Check Amniotic Fluid

The Astonishing Mis-information Being Shared on Amniotic Fluid Products – Part One

Although I recently covered amniotic products in a couple of posts (Another Amniotic-derived Product Mis-states FDA Compliance and Addressing the Flood of Placental Tissue-based HCT/P Products, Again), and thought I could escape the morass that is amniotic fluid containing products, I came across a Powerpoint presentation (PPt) offered up by Dr. Davidson (Park City, Utah) Nanofactor...
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Placental Tissue-based HCT/P Products

Addressing the Flood of Placental Tissue-based HCT/P Products, Again

 In the previous post, I began a review of a marketing blurb sent to my boss, Dr. David Karli, extolling the virtues of an amniotic fluid-containing product. I am sure you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned the name of the manufacturer and the offending product, but see the explanation provided in the previous post....
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Amniotic-derived Product False Claim

Another Amniotic-derived Product Mis-states FDA Compliance

During a course offered by ASIPP last March in Las Vegas, NV, I gave a brief impromptu presentation about regulatory issues in the field of translational regenerative medicine. I mentioned that producers of placental tissue-derived products, like amniotic fluid products or amniotic fluid plus micronized amniotic tissue products, were sprouting like weeds, despite the issuing...
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SVF Preparation

Fuzz Balls Aren’t Equivalent to SVF in the World of Regenerative Medicine

In the previous post, I covered a material I call Fuzz Balls produced in the Lipogems System. My contention is that the Fuzz Balls can’t be used to treat orthopedic pathologies for regulatory reasons, which definitely is a minority position. I also mentioned that I had been taken to task for the somewhat tongue-in-cheek use...
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Lipogems Adipose Tissue

Lipogems Not to the Rescue

The previous post provided an introduction into what’s happening in the world of fat tissue-based therapeutic preparations in the USA. I focused on the situation in which physicians use enzymatic digestion of a patient’s fat tissue to manufacture stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which is a single cell suspension containing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). I ended the...
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